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New year, new page, new ideas, new experiments

After I waved farewell to 2018 with my previous drawing, I started a new blank notebook – not just in drawing meaning, in life as well – and you know, there is no better inspiration than that. I have lots of ideas and thoughts, and the only thing I need is time.

I launched my little shop, full of custom designed merch, tees, posters, framed prints, tablet sleeves, etc. My plan is to draw more and more, put hand drawn graphics into vector format, and experiment what is looking good. It is going to be a lovely new and exciting experience. Some of the first works like Lady Mall and Robomad Steel are on the featured image.

In the meantime, I will try to execute my ideas in a better way, learning as much as I can. 2019 is going to be nice ^^.

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