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Ink on paper, 2019.

I don’t know if you ever tried driving on British country roads. It has a really special atmosphere, especially if you were not born here. I love them, although I would rather choose roads easier to follow, if I can. Currently it is impossible.

So, besides the plenty of potholes and curves, where your satnav sometimes ask you to turn – even if it’s only a curve; there are mostly hedges on both sides of the road, which means you can’t see anything around you. Maybe it is a bit easier in the dark, when you can spot other cars’ lights’, but in general – it is just a bit uncomfortable. There are lots of fun, when there is no space for two cars too, and a huge tractor comes from the other direction, eh, just reverse, no problem.

Sometimes the max. speed limit is 60, which is really shocking, considering that you can’t really can’t see anything because of the curves and hedges. I don’t even mention the weather variable, the second most annoying thing is people in a hurry. Some just like to keep half meter behind; making you feel you either never seen that road before; or you just drive really slow. No stress, really;  even if some like to walk their dogs on those roads too.

And! The pehasants. Pheasants simply don’t care what is happening. They gladly walk in the middle of the road, not even noticing flashing lights on loud machine boxes approaching them very fast. They don’t care.

Imagine you drive to work on a country road, there are some cars behind you. You try to leave space for Optimus Prime itself, which just converted back to a tractor. It is not long from now until you reach the dual carriageway, BUT! You have to slow down, because you spot a huge bird in the middle of the road… Who doesn’t care. At all. I love Britain 🙂

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