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  • The Million Faces Colouring Book

    Abstract and advanced adult colouring book of 30 unique line drawings for those who like noticing more and more faces, eyes, smiles and are not afraid of filling them with life with the help of the wonderful world of colours.

    Gallery, Mixed Media
    / 200328
  • Wavelook

    Ink, A5 Still sculptures. I don’t remember how I became obsessed with sculptures, but I always liked them; especially after…

    Gallery, Ink & Paper
    / 190917
  • Miss Magnolia

    Pen on paper, A3 I so love the ancient Greek sculptures! Even the torsos are so pure and majestic… The…

    / 190415
  • Vienna

    Average but nice looking fountain pen with black ink & A5 dotty Leuchtturm1917 So my flight was delayed and I…

    / 180819